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We have a wide range of courses designed for all private, commercial or institutional security needs.

Security &
Surveillance Firms

Security & Surveillance Firms can only be efficient if their staff have the knowledge and skill which we develop these skills through our various courses. We enhance the skills of security officers to keeping businesses safe by training in the latest Surveillance technology, methods of controlling and monitoring with dogs and even protection for the VIPs.

This programme is specifically designed for security officers new to the industry or for any person wishing to start work in security with the basic knowledge to help them understand what is required of them to carry out everyday security tasks. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to work in security in a wide range of workplaces. The course is designed for People currently working as a security officer or looking to become security officers.

The Security Supervisor Officers is a single module and prepares Trainees in Security Supervision of activities and concepts. Trainees are put through simulations (role plays) on various likely scenarios of daily supervisory activities and guided through the use of the model approach in handling these situations. Upon successful completion of the course participants should be able to:

  • Manage security operation procedures on a supervisory level.
  • Plan and direct the deployment of security officers based on security operational procedures.
  • Handle and maintain control of security officers based on various scenarios like late coming, absence and incompetence of security officers.
  • Conduct and oversee evacuation and handle other emergency situations such as Fire incidents.
  • Maintain health and safety of all security officers at work.
  • Be deployed as a security supervisor based on Private Security Regulation Act 2016.

CCTV /control rooms are vital in the protection of modern communities. Crime prevention, traffic management, key holding services, first aid response and major incident command control are just some of the skills demanded of today’s control room operator. Covering a range of essential practical tasks, this four day course will provide the advanced skills needed to fulfil the many responsibilities. The learner will learn how to operate the latest technology and key to protecting both business and the public from crime and disorders.

The program caters for students with little or no experience in dog handling, to be trained in phases to achieve competency and certification as required by the new PSRA. Upon successful completion of the course participants will be able to:

  •  Ensure that the basic needs of the service dog is catered for.
  •  Ensure the welfare of the dog and deal with related problems.
  •  Conduct safety precautions with the service dog in order to prevent accidents.
    Inspect the condition of the service dog.
  •  Transport service dogs in a safe and secure manner.
  • Prepare a trained Service Dog for guarding duties.
  • Utilize the trained Service Dog for guarding duties.
  • Conduct post-guarding responsibilities with regards to the trained Service Dog.

This course is designed to focus on outcomes based objectives. In doing so, this ensures that a graduate from our academy will make the grade in the close protection field. Upon successful completion of the course, learners will have knowledge and skills on:

  •  History and Role of The Bodyguard
  • Basic Close Protection Skills
  • Escort Formations and Drills
  • Vehicle Section
  • Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Security Advance Party
  • Ambush Drills

The program aims to change the general attitude of the participants in order to reduce the risk of driving by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or the mistakes of others. This can be achieved through adherence to a variety of general rules, as well as the practice of specific driving techniques.

The training aims to upgrade the security awareness and knowledge of average individual employees in the organization so they can contribute to public safety and security and protect their organizations physical and information assets through conscious and proactive measures. Upon completion of the training participants will have acquitted with:
• General Security Awareness
• Suspicious Behavior
• What to do in Active Shooting Event (Run / Hide / Fight)
• What to do in case of Improvised Explosive Device (Suspicious Unattended Item)
• Importance of Reporting the Suspicion
• Emergency Preparedness


Corporate establishments can be venerable to internal and external risks. At PSTA we train front office staff,door supervisor and internal security teams. We train staff to be security aware,how to tally and inventory security and county security.

Residential &

Lack of security awareness around your residential areas and communities can result in you being a victim of the threats. At PSTA we train you how to secure your gated community, your home and yourself.

Schools &

We seldom consider how vulnerable we are. We love Kenya but crime is a very real issue. Instead of pretending that it doesn’t exist – or ignoring it – we can educate and empower ourselves.
The PSTA Personal Safety Training course for students & schools gives our youth the tools and skills they need to do just that.

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