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suppress potential threats in your professional or
home environment
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Whether you wish to kick start a career in security or need increased security awareness in a high risk environment, we have the security training solution for you!

Residential & Community
Security & Surveillance Firms
Schools & Organisations
Corporate Programmes
Security &
Surveillance Firms
  • Basic guarding course for security officers: Level 1
  • Security supervision
  • CCTV control room operations
  • Dogs and dog handlers training
  • Mobile responses
  • Community Policing
  • VIP Protection
  • Defensive driving
  • Staff Security Awareness Program (SAP)
  • Internal security team training
  • Tally and inventory security
  • County security training
  • Door supervision/ bouncer training
  • Front office security
Residential &
  • Home/ personal security
  • Gated community security
Schools &
  • Basic First Aid
  • Fire & safety
  • Emergency & disaster preparedness and mitigation
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

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A job as security officer can be a reliable career choice or an exciting opportunity to help others.
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Featured Programmes

Counter Terrorism

It is urgent to enhance peoples understanding of the threat from the terrorist agenda.
Our main objective is to train staff and management teams with practical security knowledge to handle terror threat incidents and achieve organizational and departmental safety goals.

Safety Awareness for Schools & Students

We seldom consider how vulnerable we are. We love Kenya but crime is a very real issue. Instead of pretending that it doesn’t exist – or ignoring it – we can educate and empower ourselves.
The PSTA Personal Safety Training course for students & schools gives our youth the tools and skills they need to do just that.

Be aware, Get prepared!

Private Security Training Academy

The Private Security Training Academy (PSTA) is a NITA (National Industrial Training Authority) approved training center established in November 2011. We provide a wide range of security & safety training solutions in Kenya, Uganda, Dubai and the Middle East through our I.S.C partnership.

I.S.C Certified
Security Officers - Kenya & Uganda
Supervisors - Dubai and the Middle East
Security Officers - Dubai and the Middle East

We are based on a 5 acre establishment in Karen. We have para-military style obstacle training installations, a variety of classrooms with security demonstration equipment, dinning and conference facilities



Our security officers thoroughly enjoyed your comprehensive training, energy levels during drills, obstacle course and physical fitness, security knowledge and passion of the instructors at PSTA. This is the best training Academy I have ever seen and my officers are now doing a good job after the training and we are now capitalizing on that through various referrals.

Naomi Kipkorir
CEO, Senaca East Africa

My firm belief is that PSTA is a company that is the league of best Private security training companies in the world.
This year, PSTA corroborated with RF in a community activity namely “Save the Family” fun day, where PSTA trainees took care of the security of about 100 persons, who were present at the venue (It was also their graduation day). The activity was well secured and the security officials placed on all strategic places, alert to combat any incidence.
From cars, to persons, to the ground security and playing fields security – all this was magnificently implemented. The RF day was without any incidence. What needed to be done – security wise – was done excellently. PSTA is also deeply engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility and has generously offered their training grounds to be used for the RF yearly event of “Save the Family.”
We at RF highly recommend PSTA for all your private security training needs.

Esther Kisaghu
Founder, The Rose Foundation

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Emerson Anderson
PSTA World Inc.



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